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The samples can be used to carry out basic SNMP operations. So if you are going to learn the basics, you should follow them.

Pairing the SNMP test agent and the manager side tools

Run snmpd.exe as administrator and click "Start listening" button without modifying any settings. This allows the test SNMP agent to hook to port 161 on all network interfaces (IP v4 and v6).

Information about the agent builtin community names and user accounts can be found in KB600002.

Then the command line utilities can be run at command prompt, where typical commands are documented in KB600001. The agent will respond with correct packets.

Pairing the SNMP test agent and the trap listener tool

Run snmptrapd.exe at command prompt as administrator. It will hook to port 162 and monitor incoming trap messages.

Click the "Sent Trap v1", "Send Trap v2", "Send Inform v2" and "Send Inform v3" buttons on the test agent panel. See those messages are captured by the trap listener tool.

Above setup assumes that all tools are running on the same machine. If you want to test out agent and manager sides each on a dedicate machine, make sure you open the firewall ports and allow SNMP packets to go through.

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