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#SNMP Suite ships with a few samples to demonstrate how to utilize #SNMP Library to build SNMP applications. Some of the samples are released under MIT/X11 license, such as the MIB Compiler and MIB Browser. They only provide limited functionality. Users ask for more advanced editions, and here they come.

The Pro Edition of #SNMP MIB Compiler and Browser, however, are designed and developed to include advanced features that target SNMP professionals and enterprises. They also come with consulting and support services.

#SNMP MIB Compiler Pro

Currently #SNMP MIB Compiler Pro is in private beta testing phase. Its features include but not limited to

Rich Metadata Extraction and Accurate Error Reporting

  • Type information extraction so that for every objects we know their basic types (Counter32, OCTET STRING, and so on), and also know about the intermediate types (such as DisplayString). As constraints can be added at each level, those constraints should be extracted too, so as to assist data validation.
  • Cross module dependency resolution, type resolution, and entity validation. They can provide more accurate error reporting and help identify broken MIB documents.
  • MIB to C# compilation, which is similar to Net-SNMP's mib2c utility (who compiles MIB documents to C code). The output C# source files can be used to link with snmpd in order to form a simulator for those MIB documents.

Visual Studio Style IDE Panels

The compiler is designed to be similar to Visual Studio, with dock panels that show various information to assist MIB document authoring.

Solution Explorer

MIB documents can be loaded here. Last used solution will be automatically loaded at startup.

Module List

Loaded and pending modules are displayed in this panel, so it is obvious which modules are not compiled.

Error List

Compilation errors and warnings are displayed so it is easy to identify issues in documents.

Object Tree

Objects from loaded modules are displayed so the whole object tree is one click away.


The compiler and the MIB compiler library can be ordered from Purchase page. For more information, please write to

After purchase, please follow this link to Activate the product.

Licensing Model for #SNMP MIB Compiler Pro

Lex Li issues a unique license file for each ordered software license. The user then applies the license file to the installed software. Once the software license is applied, the licensed software product displays 'Registered' in title. Each license entitles the user to install and use the licensed software on only one computer, i.e., each license file can be applied to at most one copy of the installed software.

Floating license is not supported. Due to the nature of the software, the software does not contain any functions for floating license checking. Many users install the software on their laptops and then use it somewhere in the field. It might be inconvenient for them if the software was trying to connect to some kind of licensing server in order to determine if it is eligible to start-up or not, depending on the current number of other users.

Without signing an appropriate software licensing agreement with Lex Li it is not permitted to bundle any purchased products and license files with your products and ship them to your customers or end-users.

The MIB documents authored or the C# source files generated are the intellectual properties of the licensees and Lex Li does not request any permission on them.

Evaluation License

#SNMP MIB Compiler Pro is available for a 15-day evaluation, so that potential customers may try using the software before ordering the regular software licenses. Under the 15-day evaluation license the user should determine the suitability of the evaluated software product, its available functions, performance capabilities and similar features. Under the 15-day evaluation license the user is not permitted to use the evaluated product for any kind of commercial purposes. More specifically, with the product running under the evaluation license it is not permitted to test or debug equipment for commercial purposes, it is not permitted to provide commercial training services, nor any similar commercial activity. Such activities can be performed only after obtaining the licensed version of the software.

If the user determines the suitability of the evaluated software product, the regular software license should be obtained. Otherwise, the user must uninstall and stop using the evaluation software.

Support Contracts

There are several support contracts available.

Maintenance Support

No product is defect free. If you happen to meet a product defect, a support case can be opened and the issue will be investigated and resolved. Such cases are charged at a per-case basis. Maintenance support is primarily email based.

Note that currently purchases of this product come with maintenance support of several months for free as bonus. Try it or buy it!

Advisory Support

The real world scenarios might require customization or consulting, so advisory support cases can be opened. Such cases are charged at a hourly basis.

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