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HoneyCell (6.0)

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Change Set: 5497af31d15e
Released: Nov 12, 2010
Updated: Nov 13, 2010 by lextm
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Release Notes

Help files is released in a separate ZIP package.
  1. Ubuntu 10.10 is officially supported.
  2. Changed all ISnmpMessage derived classes ToByte implementation.
  3. Added a new exception, PortInUseException.
  4. Reimplemented GetBulkMessageHandler who now fully supports GET BULK messages.
  5. Enhanced the pipeline to better match SNMP RFC documents (1157 and 3416).
  6. Fixed WSAECONNRESET socket exception handling.
  7. Fixed a browser bug (wrong tag generated for v3 profile).
  8. Fixed IP.Equals bug.
  9. Merged changes from DockPanel Suite 2.4.
  10. Closed work item 7189. SNMP v3 TRAP message support is added and tested.
  11. Closed work item 6826. SNMP v3 INFORM is supported.

Core assemblies changes from 5.2:



In this release the core classes and namespaces are heavily updated.

New Public Types

SELECT TYPES FROM ASSEMBLIES "SharpSnmpLib", "SharpSnmpLib.Controls", "SharpSnmpLib.Mib" WHERE IsPublic AND WasAdded

This queries return a lot, but in fact only the following are new,
  • ResponsePdu: replace GetResponsePdu.
  • ResponseMessage: replace GetResponseMessage.
  • IListenerBinding: interface for ListenerBinding.
  • PortInUseException: an exception raised when a binding is already in use.

Classes under Lextm.SharpSnmpLib.Objects and Lextm.SharpSnmpLib.Pipeline are actually moved from Lextm.SharpSnmpLib.Agent.

New Public Namespaces


Only two are new,
  • Lextm.SharpSnmpLib.Objects: sample SNMP objects for snmpd.
  • extm.SharpSnmpLib.Pipeline: SNMP pipeline components.

Changed Interfaces (Breaking)

The following interfaces are changed,
  1. ISnmpMessage
  2. IAuthenticationProvider
  3. IPrivacyProvider

Renamed Classes (Breaking)

  1. Helper: renamed to SnmpMessageExtension.
  2. SnmpDemon: renamed to SnmpEngine.
  3. DemonObjects: renamed to EngineGroup.

Obsolete and Deleted Classes (Breaking)

  1. ProviderPair: removed. Please use IPrivacyProvider derived classes directly.
  2. GetResponseMessage: Please use ResponseMessage instead.
  3. GetResponsePdu: Please use ResponsePdu instead.
  4. Manager: Please use Messenger instead.
  5. Manager*ListenerAdapter: Please use classes under Lextm.SharpSnmpLib.Pipeline to construct a pipeline to handle incoming messages. Browser.exe is the sample.

Modified Methods (Breaking)

  1. ByteTool.Convert: due to the new implementation, you must pass in byte[] instead of IEnumerable<byte>.
  2. OperationException.ToString: the implementation is changed.
  3. Discovery.Discovery: add one more parameter. You can also use Messenger.NextDiscovery to construct the object.
  4. ISnmpMessage derived classes: ProviderPair is replaced by IPrivacyProvider in constructors.

Obsolete Methods (Breaking)

  1. OctetString.ToDateString: Will provide a better conversion in future release.
  2. InformRequestMessage.GenerateResponse: Please use classes under Lextm.SharpSnmpLib.Pipeline to construct a pipeline to handle incoming messages. Browser.exe is the sample.
  3. Messenger.GetTable: no longer supports this method. It can still be used to query simple tables, but for complex tables, you need to implement your own table retrieval algorithm.
  4. UserRegistry.Default: Please use new to construct objects.
  5. Levels.None: removed. Please use 0 instead.

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