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KB 600014 Errors on Antlr3.targets


This article describes how to resolve the compilation error caused by an ANTLR bug.


When you download the source code and follow KB 600005, 600006, and 600007 to compile, sometimes you meet an error similar like this,

(...) lib\ANTLR\Antlr3.targets(123,5): error AC1000: Unknown build error: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

Root Cause

#SNMP depends on ANTLR C# runtime, and there is a bug that prevents the runtime from compiling the grammar file, if the default locale of underlying operating system is not English. More information can be found in the following article,


You might create the expected stg file from en.stg, and then the code base should compile correctly. This discussion thread contains step by step guide on how to create the new stg file,

More Information




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