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KB 600006 How to compile source code on openSUSE


This article describes how to compile #SNMP on openSUSE.

Due to an xbuild bug,, #SNMP 7.5 cannot be compiled on openSUSE.


You may download the source code from

You can get openSUSE with Mono installed from here.

Default Configuration

You can follow these steps to build #SNMP,
  1. Open Properties window for
  2. In Permissions tab, check the box for Allow executing file as program and click Close.
  3. Do the same for
  4. Execute in the terminal.
  5. Execute to build the source code.

The compiled binaries are in the bin folder.

More Information

VB.NET projects cannot be compiled under Mono at this moment.

Only tested on openSUSE 11.4 with Mono 2.10.1.



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