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BigDipper Refresh (7.5)

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Released: May 10, 2012
Updated: Jan 31, 2013 by lextm
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Release Notes

This is a bug fix release (7.5.10510.1) with limited breaking API changes.

Based on change set

*Mono for Android assemblies are based on
Mono for Android assemblies under LGPL are removed from this release. Please go to TritonMate (8.0) which contains updated ones under MIT/X11 license.

Tested on
  • Windows 7 SP1
  • Windows 8 Release Preview

.NET Framework support policy is changed, so please read this KB article first.
  • Re-licensed part of the code base under permissive licenses (MIT/X11 and BSD 3 Clause).

Help files will be released in a separate ZIP package.

Core assemblies changes from 7.0.



New Assembly

.Engine is added and .Pipeline/.Objects namespace are moved to this new assembly.

New Public Types

No new type is added in SharpSnmpLib, except those types from System.Tuples project.

SharpSnmpLib.Mib is rewritten, so except old classes from previous version, such as ObjectRegistryBase derived classes and others, the low level classes are completely different, such as MibModule.

Changed Interfaces (Breaking)

The following interfaces are changed,
  1. IConstruct
  2. ITypeAssignment
  3. IEntity
  4. IObjectRegistry
  5. IObjectTree
  6. IAuthenticationProvider

Obsolete and Deleted Classes (Breaking)

  1. DefaultObjectRegistry (Resolution: Use SimpleObjectRegistry.)
  2. GetResponsePdu. (Resolution: Use ResponsePdu.)
  3. Integer64. (Resolution: not needed by #SNMP any more. If need it, use the old class from a previous release.)
  4. Low level classes under .Mib (Resolution: Try to use the new classes.)

Removed Methods (Breaking)

  1. ByteTool.PackMessage() (Resolution: Use the new overload.)
  2. .ctor that accepts Stream for ISnmpData derived classes (Resolution: Use the new ctor that accepts Stream in each classes.)
  3. IObjectRegistry.Decode and IObjectTree.Decode. (Resolution: Wait till #SNMP 8.)
  4. Two constructors of Sequence class. (Resolution: Use other constructors.)
  5. Many methods in StreamExtension class. (Resolution: Either use the new overload, or alternative methods in other classes.)
  6. ctor of ISnmpMessage derived classes. (Resolution: Use new ctor instead).
  7. SnmpMessageExtension.PackMessage. (Resolution: Use new overload).
  8. IAuthenticationProvider.ComputeHash. (Resolution: Use new methods).
  9. AuthenticationProviderExtension.VerifyHash and CleanAuthenticationParameters. (Resolution: Use new methods.)
  10. Other changes under .Mib namespace.

Reviews for this release

excellent work!
by poretti on Jul 14, 2012 at 6:38 PM