TritonMate Refresh (8.5)

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Released: Feb 22, 2015
Updated: Feb 25, 2015 by lextm
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Release Notes

This is a bug fix release and NuGet only.

It is a NuGet package that enables
  • .NET 4.0 and above (SharpSnmpLib.Portable.dll + SharpSnmpLib.Full.dll)
  • Xamarin.iOS Unified (SharpSnmpLib.Portable.dll + SharpSnmpLib.iOS.dll)
  • Xamarin.Android (SharpSnmpLib.Portable.dll + SharpSnmpLib.Android.dll)
  • Portable Class Library (SharpSnmpLib.Portable.dll)
Note that .NET 4.0 users need KB2468871 to be applied.

.NET 3.5 support is not included in this release.
CF support is not included in this release.
SharpSnmpLib.Mib is obsolete by SharpSnmpPro.Mib

This version has been tested on Mono/OS X as well as previous supported platforms.

Documentation can be downloaded from here

Known Issues
SharpSnmpLib.Full might throw exceptions on OS X

Breaking Changes
  • Classes are reorganized so as to meet PCL requirements.
  • IP class is rewritten to meet PCL requirements. IP constructor signature is changed.
  • Discoverer class and ListenerBinding class are modified to use Task.
  • MessageParams class is removed.
  • CryptoKeyCache is introduced to speed up encryption and decryption.
  • TimeTicks.ToString uses a different format.
  • New public classes
    • MalformedPdu
  • New public methods
    • ByteTool.PackMessage
    • Header's constructor
    • Helper.ToIPAddress and Helper.ToPhysicalAddress
    • Setter of SecurityParameters.IsInvalid
    • PrivacyProviderExtension.GetScopeData
    • Sequence.GetLengthBytes
  • Obsolete Classes
    • DefinitionType
    • IConstruct
    • IDefinition
    • IEntity
    • IModule
    • IObjectRegistry
    • IObjectTree
    • ITypeAssignment
    • SearchResult

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